Gentoo Diapers Review

Gentoo Care is a company started by Esther Myers, a single mom of two kiddos with a mission to provide for her family and a desire to design a line of cloth diapers that are high quality, durable, and affordable.  Out of that vision was birthed Gentooshies- an AIO (all-in-one) style cloth diaper that has been thoroughly researched, tested and proven to be BPA, lead and phthalate free as well as CPSIA (Consumers Product Safety Improvement Act) compliant.

As part of The Great Cloth Diaper Experiment, Esther sent us a beautiful package that included these six diapers is size Medium (see sizing chart below), which was perfect for our rotund 18lb Levi.

Upon arrival, Esther instructed us to prep the diapers as instructed on her website here.  It was actually very easy to do, just simply a prewash with a CD friendly detergent and then we were ready to go!

Diaper Specs

Gentoo Diapers are All in One diapers crafted by hand with three layers of absorbent materials.  The outer cover is polyurethane, the liner is micro chamois, and the soaker pad is an absorbent material called “zorb”.  The closure method on the diapers are snaps- allowing for a custom snug fit for multiple size babies.  Gentoo Diapers are offered in sizes Small, Medium, and Large and a variety of fun colors.


We have been struggling to find diapers that fit Levi well- he is a large 5 month old with VERY chunky thighs.  Finding a fit that is snug, but not too tight has been a challenge.  The diapers we received from Gentoo were a good fit for Levi.  They have a much trimmer design than many diapers which fit Levi well.  As you can see from the pictures below, the leg openings are snug on his thighs, meaning that we had no leaking, but they were not so tight that they were uncomfortable.  He could wear them for an extended period of time with no issues with comfort at all.  The adjustable snaps on the waist allowed us to allow for his ample tummy to not be squeezed too tightly, but just a good snug fit.  Overall, we are very pleased with the fit of these diapers.



We tested these diapers hard!  Levi is a totally breastfed baby at this point- and we have had many blowouts in both cloth and disposable diapers in the past.  We were a bit wary of these diapers when we first opened them, due to the much trimmer design then we have used previously.  We were so very happy to find out that not only did they perform as well as any disposable diaper we’ve used, but much better!  We did not have one issue with leaking or wicking while using them- nor did we have any issues with blowouts.  I will say that I changed these diapers a bit more frequently than I have with other diapers (maybe every 2.5-3 hours), but that was probably not actually needed.  I think they could have easily gone at least 4 hours with no problem.  Also, I did not test these overnight as we did not have an additional soaker with them and I wasn’t sure they could make it through the night.  Again, it is possible that they could, and I think with an additional soaker it would be no problem at all.  Overall, we were thrilled with the performance of these diapers.

Ease of Use

As we stated before, the prep routine of these diapers was very simple and the care of the diapers is simple as well.  The care tag on the inside of the diapers suggests a cold soak and rinse, a hot wash with a CD friendly detergent and tumble dry on low.  A very standard care routine for cloth diapers.  As with all All in One diapers, there is very little fuss to actual use of the diapers as they function very much like typical disposable diapers and there are no additional steps to use beyond cleaning.  We feel these are super easy to use.

Price Point

With a price point of $12.95 and free shipping for orders over $49.95, these diapers are very economical!  There is also a 10% discount code for purchases of 6 or more diapers at a time.  Truly a great deal!

Final Thoughts

We had a great experience with Gentoo diapers!  They are well made, durable and very affordable.  We feel that they fit well and performed above our expectations.  We very much enjoyed our conversations with Esther and we are happy to support a single mom who is working hard to provide for her family.  We suggest you try Gentoo Diapers for yourself and let us know how happy you are!


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